What is FOX Academy?

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FOX Academy is a multimedia education site designed to teach the language of vehicle suspension for Jeeps, trucks, UTVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles and mountain bikes. FOX Academy features engaging educational videos on everything suspension – shock basics, terminology, the difference between stock and FOX shocks, forks and much more. FOX Academy is a program to help the novice become a pro and help the pro obtain more in-depth suspension know-how.

FOX Academy takes on the hard questions and isn’t afraid of complex answers. In fact, it’s our job to translate the complex answers into bite-sized chunks to help you understand your vehicle’s potential.

There are four FOX Academy pillars that work across all vehicle and bike categories to identify when, why, and how to adjust your shocks: 

  1. Expectations
  2. Driving (or riding) Style
  3. Terrain
  4. Vehicle (or Bike) Setup

These bite-sized chunks are simple on the surface, but hold unfathomable amounts of complexity for you to discover, if you possess the courage to dive deeply into them.

We’ll begin the ongoing FOX Academy solution by building a foundation, beginning with what each shock component is called. Then we’ll move into why we need shocks. From here, we will have laid a solid foundation to discover the fine details behind how a shock actually works and answer questions like, “What’s the deal with position-sensitive technology?”

Across all categories, we’ll dive into misconceptions, tips, and tricks. In the future, we’ll tackle complex topics like materials used, valving shim diameters and thicknesses, oil viscosity, and more. We’ll get into specific baseline knowledge to help you upgrade your Jeep (wheels, axles, weights, etc.) and other vehicles. We’ll dive into the complex world of mountain bike forks and shocks, because FOX is also a leader in the two-wheeled knobby world. Motorcycle suspension was our founding heritage, and continues to be an important facet of our engineering and race development.

If you’d like to learn the language of suspension, if you’ve ever wondered how a fork or shock works — or, more importantly, why, when, or how to adjust your shocks — then FOX Academy is for you.